My Other Peeps

Dear Ones,

I felt it important to add little commentry on my other important little people, Rebecca (not so little 12) and Nathan (4). They are obviously as important to me as Luke, and even though the main focus is on Luke and special needs, I thought I would share some little stories about what is going on in their lives and how they interact with Lukey!

My other peeps!

One of the things happening this year is the transition of Luke from an Early Intervention Program, funded by State and Federal budgets, to the school district, so all special needs children, go from developmentally assessed programs to educational programs. Which is a little crazy from my point of view given they are only three, and developmentally, from a communication point of view Luke is only 12 months old!

Nathan will also be leaving pre-school and going into kindergarten, which is the official first year of school and is full time. I went to look at a private school on Tuesday and it was not on the campus I was expecting, but at the real school campus, and it was amazing. The facilities were just fabulous, they even had a green house and vegetable garden so the children a can grow vegetables. The fostering of community spirit was great. Then we went to observe the kindergarten class. The room was amazing with all the latest smart boards and educational tools, but I was a little concerned that the teachers never once cracked smile or looked like they were fond of their five year olds charges. It was actually quite creepy to see a group of small children being spoken to like they were adults. The room had no warmth or feeling of happiness or joy. I just felt is was a terrible injustice to the children’s first year of school. Needless to say, I withdrew Nathan’s application later that day, and actually told the administrator what I thought of the class atmosphere (in a very nice and diplomatic way)!

Off to Bowman School he will go with Rebecca in September!




  1. Hi Rachel and Luke! Here is my contact info phone 949-300-6234
    Look forward to hearing from you!
    Missy Kanter


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