Posted by: 15specialneeds | December 6, 2010

Locked out…

Hi Dear Ones,

Well, I am still kind of getting used to the house and its little intricacies! One of them is the self locking doors. They have those little buttons that you need to release in the door lock so that the lock will release. So on Friday, I was having a nice day at home with Lukey. His terrible cold had broken, and he did not get up till 10am.  He decided that he did not need a nap, and decided to let me know by launching himeself out of his crib. I have never heard such a huge bang or run upstairs so fast. As he was going to be up for the day, which is quite a treat, I quickly texted Maria to say that I would take Luke on the school run and let him have a play in the school, so would not need her for the afternoon.

At 2.30pm I was in our garage which is connected to our family room. Rebecca and I have a really cool art studio set up, and Nathan has a huge collection of swords and combat items! I was calling Luke to come out and play with me, and as he came along, he decided to close the door so that he could play with a toy!

Uh oh, the utter disbelief I felt when I turned the handle to find the door locked! OMG! I was able to open that garage doors and get out to test all the doors leading into the house and of course they were all locked. In my bare feet, I ran next door to my very lovely neighbours, and asked to borrow the phone to call Maria! She promised to be with me in 15 minutes – gulp.

I had fortunately left the TV on in our lounge room, so I stalked him through the window panes, as I did not want him to see me just in case he  got upset. But I was ready to smash in a window should I need to. He spent most of the time watching one of his favourite shows that had come on, thank goodness! (The Wonder Pets!)

The post man came by and must have thought I was crazy as he mentioned how cold it was twice, looking at my bare feet!

Maria turned up in no time, and let me in to an utterly calm Luke who look totally at peace at the world. Maria was very happy to help me and then happier to get going, but before she went I placed a key in an outdoor lock box – so that should this ever happen again – I wouldn’t need to phone anyone!

I think Luke was a bit surprised by the tons of kisses he got, and off we went to get Nathan and Rebecca from school.




  1. So I just read this, I couldn’t figure out how to refresh your page from my phone and wondered why you hadn’t written in a few months.Anyway, Amelia locked her bedroom door when she was 15 months old and I didn’t know it and put her to bed and shut the door. There was no way of unlocking the door so we had to take a screw driver to it. She was asleep the whole time but I was a mess. I can’t imagine how you felt.


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