Posted by: 15specialneeds | November 29, 2010

Our Big Move…

Hi Dear Ones,

I don’t quite know how we managed it, but in the space of 3 weeks we moved house! During the moving process, both Nathan and Luke were home sick. (Luke stil is!) Rebecca went to New York on a school trip, we had Halloween costumes to produce for school and held a Halloween party pot luck at ours with an entertainer for the children! All this  could not have been done without all the help from friends – Alison on costume making, Jose on packing the car several times over, Maria on children and packing duty, Sally on playing with Nathan and packing, a big thank you dear ones! Anyway…

We spotted a lovely home, and we were kind of looking due to the fact that we have extended our stay here another 3 years and this means high school for Rebecca! So we managed to get the lovely house in Palo Alto, which is only 7 miles from the other one – but puts us in one of the best school districts in terms of our typical kiddos. We have left a sprawling rancher with one acre of garden, for a two storey home with quaint garden, real neighbours and loads of street activity and a ten minute trip to school. I do feel that I spend less time in the car, and less time stressing about the crazy car trips to and from school!

I guess the big question was how was Lukey going to manage the change? I personally was more concerned about how Nathan was going to manage it all, given he is more concerned about change and spent a few times asking ‘why’ – but in fact he did great. As to Luke, he can hardly articulate his thoughts – but I figured as I explained to Nathan that we are all doing this together as a family and are all happy, this will be fun! At the same time, I did have a sick feeling in my stomach and had a few pangs of OMG lets just stay where we are. But even after the terrible day that I have had today seeing the class that Luke is supposed to be going to, I am happy we have moved and Luke is certainly happy at home surrounded by his toys and family.

So far, in our new home we have celebrated Rebecca’s 13th birthday – the teenage years are upon us yikes! and Thanksgiving! I cannot believe that it as been a year since I started this blog. Whilst it has been laid to rest for some weeks at a time, it is alway in the back of my mind. There seems so much to say and so little time to say it!  

Life is never quiet in our home and for that I am really grateful, but there are times I do wish for a lull, a boringness of routine, a personal life outside the front door of my house that does not have anything to do with playdates, shopping or special needs, or doing some mundane chore. It looks like the one thing I was really excited about doing – training to be an volunteer art teacher is now going to have to go away, as Luke’s school placement has unravelled this week – but that is a blog for tomorrow!

To finish off, I have been thinking about what I give ‘thanks for’ being Thanksgiving and all!  This may sound crazy and really it only passes my mind for a few seconds everyday – but it is consistent. When I wake up in the morning, I am so grateful to hear my Luke bouncing about and I think ‘thank goodness’  he is in my life today. 

Keep safe.




  1. Great to hear from you, and that Luke is settling in to his school. Sad that you are staying another three years, but hey, time flies so quickly! Wishing you much happiness in your new home, Karen xx


    • Hi Karen, Great to hear from you! Hope you are not too cold there! We are now having to move Luke from school as we have moved district and it is not a happy one – but I will write about it when the dust has settled! Rx


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