Posted by: 15specialneeds | October 26, 2010

Some Cool Stuff…

Hi Dear Ones,
Well after what seems like months and months of very slow progress, and a TV obsession with Yo Gabba Gabba, it looks like we have turned a small corner and Luke seems to be coming out of himself. He has now completed 6 weeks of school and after 4 weeks, he has gone from crying 40 minutes in the 1 hour and 15 minutes he was there, to no crying in 3 hours that he now there! I cannot tell you how overjoyed when I collected him from class and his teacher said that he had not cried and was really very happy! Oh Joyous Day! Today when I collected him – he was sitting listening to the songs for goodbye circle and did not need the tray attached to the chair and did not need any chewy things or toys to keep him in place. The attention he was giving the moment was fantastic.
So these are my impressions of Luke lately!
  • He has stopped with the Yo Gabba Gabba obsession and seeking out the TV for this, and is more interested in his toys.
  • He is seeking out the same toys he has always played with – but plays with them for shorter times and moves from one toy to another and moves about the house with them! He also brings many of his toys for me to play with and if it is a spinning thing – he like to play what I call the ‘stop’ game – he spins and I stop it – which you would think he would get cross about – but in fact he loves it, and then we take turns and he is always happy to give me the toy, and I use the word ‘more’ a lot which he find hilarious!
  • He is more adventurous with his hands and is willing to mush up the food in his bowls and get his hands dirty! yay – big breakthrough.
  • He has learned how to press the ‘on’ buttons to activate the propeller on his ride-on toy, which is not obvious, and today I managed to get him to press a slide bar on his toy garage to activate the sound. 
  • He is far more interested in his surroundings and when in the car is taking notice of traffic and tracks the cars going by for quite a long time!
  • He is looking at people as soon as they say hello to him – I  noticed this a lot last Saturday night when we went to the Rainforest cafe especially as he wondered up to people at other tables,  he also often smiled at whoever spoke to him!
  • He looked in the sky and noticed a plane flying overhead – woo hoo! I have been so waiting for that.
  • Can switch the light on in the room when you ask him to!
  • Maria makes him sit on the kitchen chair to put his socks and shoes on – which he will do willingly and assist.
  • He will wash his hands at the bathroom sink and will hold his hands out to help.
  • Spends much time looking at my mouth and how I move my lips when singing.
  • He is happy, smiley and in great health!
 Simon loves to tease me by telling me is is all to do with school – maybe. In reality he seems to be more ‘with us’ which is great.


  1. Such a great update Rachel! I’m glad all is going well and Luke is settling in at school, it must be a relief for you knowing he is settled. Much love to you all, Hx


  2. Rachel – I continue to follow your posts and this one just made me feel warm head to toe. Such noticeable changes – all in a good direction. I can see your smile. Tell SS to be nice! My best – Rosie


  3. what wonderful things, rachel! yea for luke!!! 🙂


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