Posted by: 15specialneeds | September 7, 2010

Blog Vacation…

Hi Dear Ones…

Well, it would seem that while the children were all on vacation for the summer holidays, so was my blog. This means that I must be a very good mummy and not spend all my time looking at my computer and interacting with my children every minute of the day!  I try! Hubby was sad recently that I was not keeping up with his Facebook page, or spending time updating mine! Hah! On those few fleeting moments of not doing anything when I did manage to turn on the iPad and play ‘Angry Birds’ I would usually find Nathan looking on and then asking if he could have a turn – really I ask you!  Luke even has the knack of hunting me down at my desk and pulling me to the living room to watch ‘Yo Gabba Gabba’ with him! The reality is that I probably could spend at least half the day gazing at a computer screen and wondering where the day went, but I don’t and can’t!

So where did eight weeks vanish to and what was my little chap doing in that time? Well, there was Hawaii and the blog about that, and the nightmare of flying! But after that there was 2 weeks of very little, just hanging at home, while Hubby and daughter trotted off to New York for 4 days and LA for the day! Folks in Law came for a visit for a little under 3 weeks and then we had a girly trip to the beach in Southern California (with boys) for a week and then it was over!

During this time, we tried to keep Luke’s therapies going, had a trip to the Emergency Room in Huntingdon Beach as Luke gashed his head open on a glass table, we had Luke’s IEP (Individual Education Program) meeting so that he can start in a Special Education Preschool Program for services under the school district.

There have been times I thought my head might explode from the shear stress of it all, but like life, we move on – not necessarily upwards.

I feel that I may have undertaken more than I can actually do. I am the Secretary for the Special Education PTA in the Redwood City school district – which is a really big district. Am on a fundraising committee to help raise corporate sponsorship for Abilities United, called the “Authors Luncheon’ which is to be held in November.  Am trying to get a parents survey organised for IDEAS to get parents input of their children diagnosed with Chromosome 15 duplication Syndrome. (Luke’s thingy).  I have signed up to be a voluntary Art Teacher for another school district – which is a totally awesome program, and am doing an art class at the Pacific Art League! Phew. I felt that I really needed to ‘get myself out there’ and meet some diverse and interesting people, and that is happening – but I am wondering if the cost is needing to spend more time gazing at a computer screen!

In all of this, I am most excited by the art stuff as I totally realised recently that this is what I am most passionate about – and not bad at it, and it makes me happy to think about colors and schemes and buying paper and paint!

It also gives me something else to ponder other than my ‘special needs’ child. Luke is a HUGE worry to us at the moment, as his body does not seem to want to work in space properly. He  does all sorts of weird maneuvering of his feet, walking on his toes, literally, or on the side of his foot, and sliding his feet along the floor and just is a chaotic walker. We had a family trip to the fabulous Exploratorium in San Fransisco, and after a few hours – I was totally exhausted by just the management of him. He won’t sit in stroller, then will walk, then will want to be picked-up, then no sooner do you pick him up, then he wants to be put down. The one blessing of the day was while we were having lunch, he was holding my hand and then he pulled me to him and wanted a kiss! This is a new thing and I had been telling Hubby about it, and he got to witness it! Yay.

Sometimes a kiss can say it all.

I am now blowing you all a kiss goodnight… x




  1. You ARE doing a lot. I am doing none of that and still feel quite busy. It was a very busy month with the start of school and getting organized for the year. 3 kids means 3 sets of ‘homework’. I’ve planned out everyone’s schedule for the rest of the year and the busiest little person is Caitlyn! She has 15 hours of ABA, 10 hours of school, 2 hours of OT, one hour of speech, and 1 hour of social group. But all this work this month have paid off! You will see the progress the next time you see her. She can dog paddle (with hands) during swim, she can now be prompted to say and wave bye bye to teacher, and feed herself using a spoon and fork. I can’t believe all this one-on-one therapy is working for her. I’ve also continued with the GF/CF diet and vitamins…but mainly, I think it’s the 35+ hours of personalized attention that is getting through to her. Hope to chat soon and that all is well with the new school.


    • Wow Wendy, you much be so happy with the progress that Caitlyn is making. How wonderful to see things coming together. I am really pleased for you. Love R


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