Posted by: 15specialneeds | August 9, 2010

After the party…

Hi Dear Ones,

Well we are done with the summer birthday celebrations of being three! In all honesty, the birthday party was a small affair that did not go without some hick up! For example the fridge freezer decided to give up on the Friday, the day my folks in-law arrive! (party was on Sunday). The bouncy house arrived, and the guy did not have a long enough extension cord, so Simon had to rush off and buy one, then it  never really inflated well and personally, I thought it  looked like a death trap!  I also had the party catered, and on the day lots of people cancelled and we had tonnes of food left over.  Luke fell asleep at 6.00pm and missed us singing happy birthday to him and seeing our fabulous home-made Yo Gabba Gabba birthday cake! Agghhh.

Oh well, on Monday a new fridge arrived and the left over food was taken to a homeless shelter. Mind you poor Luke has had the worst diarrhea I have had to deal with, and was pretty unwell with it most of the week – so we were therapy free .  I was just happy that no one else has come down with anything. The last week has been very social for me, out with some girlfriends for dinner and then to a play (Almost Anything Goes), out to dinner with folks-in-law and husband. Now will be staying home to get Nathan to bed at a reasonable time.

This is all I have for now! Will discuss the IEP count down next!



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