Posted by: 15specialneeds | July 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Luke…

Hi Dear Ones…

Well today and the next couple of weekends we are celebrating Luke’s third birthday – wow! I cannot believe he is 3! Perhaps because of the intense little road we have been on with him – it feels that he has been in my life for more than 3 years – bless him! We arrived back from Oahu late Saturday evening, and I think the stress of flying and having someone ask me 5 minutes into the flight to stop Luke from banging on the back of his chair, set me off on right old cryfest, which lasted 3 days!

I think an oncoming birthday milestone produces a profound sense of sadness of having this beautiful child – who is not normal. I cried that I had no presents for him and no idea of what to get him, as he all the spinning, musical, jangley toys you could imagine.  Cried that he just wanted to spend all the time watching his DVD player and that I enable him to do so, cried that he was not interested in playing at the beach or in the swimming pool.

Then the actual day arrives an it is really like no other and I am all good again, as I spent a couple hundred dollars at Toys r Us on more jingly, spinning, musical, cause and effect toys (who knew that there could be so many), all aimed at a 12 month old child because mentally that is where he is at!

Being a sumer baby, puts him as the youngest in his year group, but as he is so behind anyway – that it the least of our concerns. We have been having many meetings about him lately, especially since the Regional Center passes him to the school district from an educational and funding point of view. However, he still qualifies to be part of the Regional Center, due to his diagnosis. Part of the discussion is what criteria he should be placed under for the school district. I felt sad that our social worker felt bad for having to mention the criteria… they are…

  1. Autistism
  2. Cognitive delay of unspecified cause
  3. Mental Retardation

Well, we know that clinically he is not Autistic, and cognitive delay of unspecified cause is not right either as we have a specific diagnosis – so we know we are left with the mental retardation sticker – and really let’s face it – he most likely is. After this discussion, we then had to put together a list of goals that we would like Luke to achieve over the next three years and whilst I love having goals, objectives and strategies, I feel at a total loss when it comes to Luke – but once we got started it seemed a really good thing to do. Here is our list of what we would like to see Luke doing by the time he is 6…

  • Toilet trained
  • Can wash his hands and face
  • Can brush his teeth
  • Dress himself
  • Can talk
  • Can understand safety commands – Stop, Wait!
  • Eat using cutlery
  • Interested in his peers

Actually, we began to think that it would be great if Nathan could do all of these things as well! Is it ‘pie in the sky’ stuff – who knows? But now that we have thought about it and written it down it seems a good thing to have done. My favorite time today? Watching Yo Gabba Gabba with Luke on my lap – just chillin’ and being able to stroke that lovely ‘nut brown hair’!

Happy birthday baby boy.




  1. Happy Birthday Luke! We can’t wait to celebrate with you. I remember Caitlyn turning three and thought to myself that she gave us more time to love her because she was special 🙂


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