Posted by: 15specialneeds | July 14, 2010

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Aloha Dear Ones…

Here is an email I sent to all our lovely therapists the week before coming away. As I mentioned – life has been pretty busy for Luke.

 Friday June 18th, Infant and Behavior Unit LPCH  

We came for an evaluation before heading into the school district for services to get a clinical evaluation of Luke’s ability. Not totally exciting, unfortunately Luke was very cross when he had his head measured and then was unable to do anything else for him!! It was also getting late in the morning and on a Friday he can be very tired. However, Dr Tang did not consider him to be autistic, or indeed on the autism spectrum. He was very adamant that the best learning environment for Luke would be in a small class or one-to-one environment. He was a big fan of ABA as a therapy that would suit Luke in a playful environment. Pretty much keep doing what we are doing! I am looking forward to reading his report.

Orthopedic Specialist, Hangar Orthotics

This appointment was to address Luke’s tippy toe walking and how his feet are placed and support for those big cloppers of his, looking at his gait and posture. The team was fantastic! So patient and really thoughtful about what we should be doing for him. Totally considered that his issues were sensory seeking and that we would not want him to stop doing what he does completely. We tried an off the shelf support but he was too strong and was able to get out of it!

 It was suggested that really the best kind of support for his feet would be custom made! Uh oh – total interference and a cross boy. Unbelievably, watching his DVD player,  the specialist was able to caste his feet so that he could make custom made supports. WOW! They will be ready in three weeks! Steve did marvel at how wide his feet were! He definitely takes after me!

I have to say that while on vacation he has not worn anything on his feet! Thank goodness no one cares. I find that the biggest comments I get from people are those commenting on ‘where are his shoes’ as he kicks them off all the time! Theyassure d me that if supports work well, children like actually wearing them as the provide good feedback on where there feet should be and help them walk rather than hinder them, which is what a normal shoe can do! 

Redwood City School

District Evaluation

The School Psychologist and a special ed teacher, came to observe Luke and complete a questionnaire via information from me. Luke was really tired – but was such a star and easily makes anyone fall for him – I kept hearing – ‘he is SO CUTE’! Anyway, IEP will be held around or on August 18th, we have 2 options, one is the class is going to be at a school called Selby Lane and is literally 2 streets away. There would be seven children in the class if Luke is included. Roosevelt School has an ABA class has only 2 children in it. The class has a teacher and 2 aides, so given the need for one to one; we believe that this would be a great option. They felt the small ABA class with a move in the future to a class would be a good plan. We are really pleased with how things are shaping up!

Rachel xx


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