Posted by: 15specialneeds | July 12, 2010


Aloha Dear Ones,

Here we are on vacation in Oahu, beautiful Hawaii! It just goes to show that when something needs doing like preparing for a vacation and sorting out both US and UK taxes before going on vacation, this leaves little time for blogging! Which is a bummer, as is seems that so much has been going on of late.

Okay, so in March/April while we were planning on what to do with our one month of hubby’s sabbatical, negotiating if we should do South America and the Galapagos Islands, I think it was the first time the husband and I, had a major disagreement on where we should go. He was all for South America (13hours of flying) and 7 day cruise of the Galapagos. It would be a holiday of a lifetime, and I cannot wait to do it one day without our lovely children. However, I figured that with Luke’s water obsession, it would be like a living hell on a boat, and I would get left to feel sea sick in a cabin while trying to entertain 2 small boys! Rebecca would be asking where the nearest mall was and we would be wondering why the hell we had spent so much money, and have it all completely lost on our children. So a 5 hour flight to for 2 weeks in Hawaii it was!

This is where I really miss Europe, a 2 hour flight and we would be in the South of France in an amazing villa with quaint town and fabulous food!  So on deciding where we should stay, I spent literally hours agonizing over properties on the internet,  looking at homes with pools and no fence, homes that were mere ‘steps from the beach’ , all a small child drowning nightmare. So I found what I thought looked a good compromise, townhome in a gated community, had pool and hot tub within a 7 minute walk, and a 10 minute golf cart trip to the beautiful lagoon like beach. All booked in April.

So, the summer finally hit California in a half hearted kind of way, and Luke, who we could not get out  of the toddler pool or big pool when he was allowed in it last summer, is now not interested in it!( OMG all that planning.) In fact, when I take him to the pool here, he would rather go in the boiling hot tub! I am thinking that as he has lost a lot of that lovely chubby baby fat, and his overall greater body awareness, he feels the cold more – which he finds unpleasant! So, we thought he would love the beach and the waves moving about his feet – no not really. He likes the sand and tries to lick it and the sea water, but he would rather not be there.  Agghhh

I have to say that Lukey has been really brilliant at settling into a new environment. I have brought his favorite crib items and bedding, but he has been great at going to bed and having naps.

So, I guess what I am finding with having a special needs child is that sometimes planning ahead makes no sense at all. And yet we are planning life with them to the last minute! Every day of every week seems to be about planning, planning, planning, and thinking, thinking, thinking. I know that even our typical children may not be happy travelers even at the best of times and our little ones with no idea of the world outside home and therapy, somehow put their trust in us to keep them happy and safe.

It is nice to be therapy free and enjoying him and trying to keep him away from the DVD player and Yo Gabba Gabba!

 Love R xx



  1. Hi Rachel The photos are georgeous, all the best to you and yours enjoying a well earned break!


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