Posted by: 15specialneeds | June 10, 2010

More on Team Luke…

Hi Peeps…

Here are some comments made by Sara our Educational Specialist and then Cassy our OT.

Sara’s input…

Thanks for the update! This is a great way for us all to collaborate and share ideas, particularly since it would be so challenging to coordinate all of our schedules for a team meeting!  I have observed the following over the past few weeks:

– Luke is really showing an increased awareness of his overall environment
– He’s been initiating some play with Nathan!
– He is referencing others more and using eye gaze to sustain interaction.
– He’s staying engaged for longer periods.
– initiating and sequencing more ideas – He’s now bringing Rachel to the microwave to request milk, which is huge! 
– definitely have noticed less drooling, too
– responds more consistently to increased affect  and exaggerated gestures within interactions
– his interests are beginning to change and expand
What we are working on: 
– increasing his attention, engagement, and communication through playful interactions around fun and motivating sensory-motor play
– expanding his repertoire of play and interests
– we’ve also been discussing ways to increase opportunities for problem-solving in day-to-day situations (particularly around things that are very motivating to Luke!) and exploring some more messy sensory play over the summer to help decrease his sensitivity to different textures and provide novel experiences
He has definitely been making some nice progress and it’s exciting to see all of the changes! Looking forward to collaborating and hearing everyone’s observations of what they are seeing as well.
Cassy’s input…
I echo Sara’s sentiments-great idea!

So, I am working with Luke and Rachel on:
Gross motor: developing core strength, particularly in the trunk and shoulder girdle and through weight bearing on the hands
Fine Motor:  gross manipulation and use of the hands
Oral Motor/oral sensory: jaw stability and sensory
Vision: attending and tracking
ADLS: doffing clothing, self feeding, potty habits
Sensory: oral and vestibular
attention: imitation and anticipation of tasks, request for activity to continue or resume

Details of what I am seeing:
-approaching objects with open hands and attempting to use hands to activate toys as opposed to always using mouth
-major decrease in his amount of mouthing toys
-intermittent tracking of flash light
-less drooling, major vocalizations
-attends to music, especially repetitive, seems to be anticipating routine of parachute, wheels on the bus
-very motivated by the pool and water activities
Take good care,

I had a meeting this morning with the Abilities United committee for a fundraiser they do annually called the ‘Author’s Luncheon”. I have always wanted to go, but as it has been around Rebecca’s birthday, and having no one to go with (honestly how pathetic) , I have opted out – much to my regret. Anyway, looks like I am going to be on the committee this year and I am very excited by this opportunity.

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