Posted by: 15specialneeds | June 3, 2010

Is it time to move?…

Hi Dear Ones…

We have been wrestling with the decision of whether it is time to move home. The trouble with having to make a decision, is just that at times, making a decision. Obviously, our little journey to California for a two-year stint, has been extended and perhaps because of this, I have not really wanted to fall in love with it here for the heartbreak it may cause when we do have to leave. (Oh the gum trees and blue skies that remind me of my Aussie home). And judging by my Rebecca’s feelings,( if and when) we leave, I will have my hands full dealing with her unhappy emotions – the two of us together would indeed be horrible for Si!

I actually feel like I have been pretty good at getting on and enjoying the lifestyle, even though it is a somewhat temporary assignment, given my ‘control’ issues! But there was an initial six month blimp when I really wanted to go home to Cambridge. I missed my home and friends blah blah blah… One very big reason to stay has been the services that Luke has been getting which have been amazing. Anyhoooo, we have been living the nice life in our posh old neighborhood of Atherton and we have been wondering if it is time to move on to a new house in Los Altos or Palo Alto.

These are the reasons in my mind FOR moving…

1. Live in a normal neighborhood, with children about and friends to make.

2. Nathan could go to the local school and make local friends to play with on the weekends.

3. Less of a commute for me to take Rebecca to school everyday, and I would claw back 2 hours a day of my time!

4. Less of a commute for Simon – taking his trip home to 30 minutes as opposed to 50 mins some nights.

5. Luke would go into a special education program where there is a lot more money about.

6. Closer to the health club we joined and taking Luke swimming would be a breeze!

7. Rebecca would attend a local high school.

One of the drawbacks of our neighborhood, is that it is not neighborly! Let face, it when you have whopping house on an acre with gates – you can safely presume people don’t want to be bothered – period! Or perhaps, I just don’t know the right people. But there are no children playing in the street,  or neighbors where kids can go and play, nor are you able to dash next door to borrow an egg or an onion, (unless your willing to scale a 5ft gate, get mauled by a dog, and have it all stored on the house CCTV security system, which could be shown on Youtube at anytime in the future).

Oh, and not having to get in the car and drive EVERYDAY for 25 minutes each way. I endured that in Cambridge as well, because Rebecca’s school was on the opposite side of town and in traffic it was horrendous, let alone trying to find parking around the school. At least Bowman has a ‘drive-around’ system! What a gift to be able to walk my boys to school!

Reasons in my mind NOT to move…

1. The house we have is lovely and finding a better fit is going to be hard. In fact the rental market and sales market is down here.

2. Nathan going to a local school means dropping back to half days – OMG – he sucks the marrow from my bones at times (bless him).

3. Is it worth it for potentially one year?

4. Just the hassle of moving!

5. I have met the team that will be working with Luke if we stay, and they are all young and enthusiastic, if poorly paid.

In many ways the market here is probably going to make the decision for us. We saw a beautiful home a couple of weeks a go, but it went to the first applicant for the lease.  Nothing is really coming up, even the agents are telling us to keep looking on Craigslist! (How real estate agents and employment agencies must despise Craigslist!).

Anyway, I am really not stressing about it! I am happy to hang here, despite the minor inconveniences, but a new neighborhood would be a nice change.




  1. Sounds like you’ve talked yourself into it, if only to commute less. I wonder how Luke would react to his environment changing so much though. He has been progressing in leaps and bounds; could a move disrupt his routine?


  2. We’ve moved for Caitlyn to receive better services. We loved our old neighborhood and bigger home. But, the move gave us more kids on our current street and neighbors with organic home grown foods to share and to lend a hand to jump start my car when I forget to turn off the lights in the car!(long sentence!) Caitlyn moved at 2.5 yrs old and have adjusted well. We wanted to move before JJ started Kindergarten…so the younger they are the better adjusted they will be.


  3. moving is always in the top 5 of stress factors. You have moved across the world and because you are so confident, organised and clued up on the little details a move to a new house is just part of that life. Sounds like you need a change and you would be happier to start something fresh. Nathan will make new friends and if they are in the same street then him going to school half day would mean more time for him to play (and he will therefore leave you alone more). If Luke gets a better deal by moving – then do it! He will need to adapt to changes in all your lives throughout his life so start out as you mean to go on… Rebecca is so grown up you will not need to placate her for long as she will eventually move on herself one day. Can you hear our Mum’s voices echoing in the background!! When we live an expat lifestyle and are away from all we know and love we tend to reminice about the good things and shove the crappy things in the cupboard… until we return to our homelands and realise the crappy things have found their way into the shipping containers. Hon’ if opportunity knocks then open the door!!! xx


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