Posted by: 15specialneeds | June 2, 2010

Star Wars…

Hi Dear Ones…

Well, Luke is not the only member of this family that we have to give much thought and time too, in fact Nathan our five year old, I believe takes way more time and resources from us that Luke on any given day. I thought I would share this story. A couple of Sunday’s ago, Nathan was invited to birthday party to a little friend from his preschool. The theme of the party was ‘sports’ games in their garden, and his favorite friends were there. After bugging me all morning about how long was it till we go to the party, he asked if he could dress in his Anakin Skywalker costume that I bought him the other weekend. Fine. Could he take the Anakin lightsaber I had made him to the party? Okay. So, party goes from 12 till 3pm which is quite long, but off we go. So while he is jumping about on his own playing his imaginary star wars game, all the other boys are all gathered together playing games that had been organized for them. Agghhh. I encouraged him to go and play with all the other boys who seemed to be having a great time playing ball games and sack races. Not mine, no he was slaying imaginary battle droids and sith lords. OMG. After an hour he asked me if we could go home! Really? Yep, he had had enough.

On the way home, he mentioned to me that nobody had played with him. Honestly, it is the sort of statement that breaks a mother’s heart when they think their dear little child could have been ignored at a party! But, as I was there, I did not have to worry about that one. I did have to explain to him that all the boys were having fun together and that it was his choice not to join in, and that perhaps not all little boys are totally obsessed with Star Wars.

Got me thinking about what is normal! Here we have Luke who looks normal, but isn’t, and Nathan who is supposed to be ‘normal’ – and I wonder if he is? I have wondered recently if I have some kind of ADD, as I cannot settle into anything for more that 30 minutes, when I mentioned it to Simon, he kinda didn’t disagree! Perhaps I’m not normal! Who is? Anyone…?




  1. I think we all have a little ADD in us.
    Nathan’s fantastic imagination is just way beyond his peers – it is heartbreaking when they don’t “get” why others aren’t interested in their games.


  2. definitely not normal here ;o) just catching up with all your news.

    love to you all xxx


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