Posted by: 15specialneeds | May 27, 2010

Little Nut Brown Hair…

Hi Dear Ones…

Well here is one for the  books! While I was at one of my many trips to Target recently, I saw a child friendly hair clipping kit, which looked ideal as I had been toying with idea of cutting Luke’s hair myself. The screaming and stress of the dreaded barbers and staff who have no idea what ‘quickly’ means!

Yesterday I decided while he was having his lunch secure in his Rifton chair with Yo Gabba Gabba on the TV, I would have a go! So, apparently after watching a DVD on haircutting it does not really qualify you as a hairdresser! OMG, nearly a bald patch on the back of his beautiful little nut brown head with the very first attempt!

So, off to the hairdressers we went after his nap! On entering ‘Supercuts’ there were plenty of staff waiting for a customer, so I asked who would like a ‘screamer’. Oh Great! So he started whining as soon as he saw the gown and scissors. To the young girl who offered her services, my directions are ‘be quick, and as soon as you see a gap in the tears just get in there’! Of course she needed to use clippers as she had to even up the big mess up I had made.

After what seemed like agonizing hours, of crying and squirming, she seemed to want to give up, but had done a great job, but one of her colleagues came to the rescue, to do the finishing touches, which was a blessing! Now we have found Gina, the most wonderful hairdresser! At one point we were standing with me holding him, so that he could look out of the window at the cars and trains, and she was standing on the reception sofa so that she could get to his head! She was a STAR!  We will go to her regularly so that we can build a relationship, and hopefully not scream and cry so much.

So, at least something good came out of my attempt to be more than I am!


PS: There is a lovely book called ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ and there is a little rabbit in it called ‘Little Nut Brown Hare’ and he reminds me of Lukey!



  1. LOL! The magic of a lollipop will do wonders for Caitlyn. We went through 5 haircuts, 2 professional and 3 relatives.


  2. “Guess How Much I Love You” was always a fav with F& J. I recently went to find it for a Baby Shower pressie and was delighted to also find GHMILY Though The Seasons!
    I’m so glad Luke doesn’t have to live with a bald patch!


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