Posted by: 15specialneeds | May 20, 2010

Neurology Appointment…

Hi Dear Ones,

Well Tuesday, Luke had his six monthly check up with our neurologist Dr Duane. It was a good appointment given it was 1.00pm when he is usually tucked up in bed! It was great to chat to her about some of the questions I had, especially in regard to his motor planning and sensory issues. She really did not shed much light but was very happy to see him isolating his pointer finger and playing with a spinning disc on the wall with both hands. He started to lick the toy, when I said ‘Luke, No! and he stopped and looked at me! Yay Lukey!

Dr Duane said that she was happy to see him one more time in one year and then she would not need to see him again. All we need to hope for is that seizures don’t kick in, as she will be our first call of reference. One of the questions I did ask was – is there a phenotype for seizures? As many of the children I read about often have behavior issues, ADA, ADHD, and autism. She said that she wished there was, but given a set of circumstances anyone can have a seizure. Unfortunately when there is an abnormality in the brain – it is at greater risk. Anyway, we will worry about it if and when it happens. For the meantime, she was impressed at the level of services we had been able to get for him!



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