Posted by: 15specialneeds | May 19, 2010

The things you do…

Hi Dear Ones,

My morning was aghhhh! I really should have known that a visit to another Vision Therapy specialist was going to be a waste of time, and it was!  So, after seeing Dr Kayagama a few weeks ago, who said ‘bring him back when he is 5’ really turns out to be the greatest advice! Did I listen – NO! I got an email follow-up from another optometrist, saying that she agreed with Dr Kayagama’s assessment, but said that they would be  better able to help and assess his needs.  

So, I had to cancel his ABA therapist, and Playtime at Abilities United, so that we could go to this horrible old building, be kept waiting 20 minutes, (thank God I am at least prepared with a basket of toys!) for absolutely nothing. Honestly, the woman had no idea that he had special needs as I had outlined in the email I had sent, which I reminded her about and then she said ‘oohhhh I thought your name was familiar! Aggghhh.

She kept asking him if he would like to ‘catch the ball’, No for heaven sake – he can’t due to his poor fine motor skills, and he cannot understand directions. Then she thought a balloon would be fun – OMG and the straw that broke my back was when she wanted him to wear 3D glasses and look at images in a book. The glasses sent him into a different stratosphere of crying!

Sixty two dollars, minutes later, I was out of there, with a never to go back again attitude. I felt really sad that I put my little boy through this useless morning. I guess as a parent, you try to do all that you can to help your children, but really, this morning was not helpful to anyone! Okay, so he looks out of his eyes a little oddly at times, but until he can really understand and communicate his needs in a more meaningful way, vision therapy is canned!




  1. Caitlyn had her vision checked twice, once when she was 9 month and another at 3 to check the health of the eyes. Both mentioned that she can come back when she is 5 and the eyes are healthy. I am trying to figure out why she doesn’t like looking at our faces 100% of the time. She only looks if she hears a sound coming from the mouth. This leads me to think to the question: “Is the face really that complicated to look at?” It’s still a mystery, but I think I’ll set it as one of the goals with the ABA program.


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