Posted by: 15specialneeds | May 9, 2010

The Cure…

Hi Dear Ones,

Well, not long after finding that Luke had a diagnosis, my attention turned to researching about his condition, not too much our there – but some and all scary!  Then of course, as many of the children with his diagnosis have and display autistic tendencies, my search involved looking at what was on offer in the Autism community. One of the first places I looked at was the Son Rise Program, which I really love. The premise of the program is that with a loving, non-judgemental attitude, if you work with your child for 12 hours a day, you can potentially cure your child of autism. Indeed from the number of testimonials that I have read from families that have been through the program with complex issues outside of the Autism spectrum have ‘cured’ their children their as well, or if not cured them, enabled them to have been mainstreamed in school, and raised their IQ significantly.

This kinda set me off I think on a mental quest, that if I somehow did the program, read the books and somehow dedicated myself as his teacher  (along with a host of volunteers), that I would be able to some how ‘cure’ him of IDIC 15. That isn’t going to happen. In fact on some occasions I have even wished he was ‘autistic’ so that he could be ‘cured’! Yikes.

A few months ago I decided that I was not confident enough to know what his needs were or what the next steps were, so hired a wonderful lady called Sara, who is an educational consultant, to give me help in understanding what I need to be doing for Luke. She had been through the Son-Rise program and I don’t see her waving a magic wand, she offers advice, is a great sounding board and is kind enough to tell me I am doing a great job! Anyway, I don’t know what the turning point was, but I decided that it was not my job, to ‘cure’ my son, or indeed the job for anyone else. Perhaps it was the book I read recently that mentioned that the only thing we can do as mothers, is give a loving and caring environment, do what we can today, and not worry about the future.

This week, we are very fortunate to have a new therapy team become involved with Luke. The company is called the Pacific Autism Learning Service (PALS), and they do a therapy called Applied Behavioral Analysis, (ABA). It is almost considered the opposite of Son-Rise, but basically I have decided that as long as the team like my child, respect and encourage him, enjoy being part of our family while they are in our home, can measure any achievements he  makes, that will be great. I am certainly not hanging up my role of helper/mummy/therapist of sorts, but am willing to get him the best help that the State of California is willing to fund! We have a couple of months now until he is three, and this will come to an end as the school districts take up his education.

We learnt last week that the preschool that he is likely to go to is moving to another school campus, which is 2 streets away, hooray, and will be offering ABA!

Obviously, I am a bit anxious about how this week will go with a new team of people for Luke to get to know and interact with, but I will keep you posted!

Happy Mothers Day!




  1. Wow, your (regional center) is definitely moving faster than ours ever did. I’ve been trying to get qualified for the past two months for ABA, but have to resort to private insurance. It’s a bit unbelievable, but Caitlyn did not qualify for speech/OT/PT via the school district when she turned 3. Make sure you try to get all services possible from the school before signing anything. I now have to pay everything to get her additional services. Good luck with the new program. If PALS is awesome, let me know.


  2. Luke is adorable BTW!


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