Posted by: 15specialneeds | April 21, 2010

In a circle…

Hi Dear Ones,

What I find so fascinating about Luke is wondering what he likes and dislikes and how he achieves getting what he wants. Needless to say given his lack of verbal communication skills, he seems to be able to communicate very well considering he also cannot gesture or point to anything! I get him coming along to me and taking my hand. then dragging me me to what he wants. 

For a long time we have been obsessed with jumping on the trampoline, with me of course, which is okay for me most of the time – but every now and again I feel a little motion sickness. He insists on backing up into me so that we can jump together with me pinning his body with my thighs (perhaps I am onto a new fitness regime) and he loves it! Then Nathan wants a turn!

Well the trampoline seems to be on back burner at the moment and he is more interested in being pushed in his little car  – again, (the best 50 bucks I have ever spent on him)! It seemed not long ago that we would walk all about the place with him in it, including Stanford shopping mall and park. He seemed happier in the car as opposed to his stroller.  Anyway, we seemed to get to a point that he started to get agitated and when we walked in it and I would often find myself down the road carrying him home and pushing the darn thing. Or he would be standing up trying to do some sort of acrobatic moves!

Anyway, tentatively, I have been taking him up and down the road in his car and he seems happy to sit and stand and be content. When I tried to put him on the trampoline he was not happy and refused to go on!  I am hoping the he doesn’t grow too much, as he will not be able to fit into his car for much longer – given it is a bit of a squeeze as it is!




  1. Ah..maybe I will bring mine out and see if Caitlyn wants a try. I know she has always been interested in standing on big sister’s scooter. I’m also trying to get her to ride a trike and possibly scoot on the scooter. She lacks sense of her body in space, but she sure can balance on the scooter.


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