Posted by: 15specialneeds | April 19, 2010

Getting on a roll…

Hi Dear Ones…

Well I am trying to get out of the landslide of life, and get back on track in writing again! As my Mum used to tell us growing up ‘if you haven’t got anything nice to say, then don’t say it’ which is really great advice in all situations. So for me, writing is a bit the same way,  if it’s all negative, don’t write it! Personally I think if you can’t say something nice – then be vague!

So I guess for Luke , I felt that the beginning of the year was really tough, in that I did not seen any progress of any kind. However, in saying that, we started the year with an ear infection, went on to having bouts of stomach and ‘bum’ bugs, then a trip home to the UK where neither of us slept. March seemed like an endless rushing about for one evaluation or another  and then to hospital for the ABR procedure, then it was a cooling off period to get back on track.

So in a positive frame of mind, I think perhaps that lack of progress, means that he has had a big growth spurt, as I did seem to find myself in Target quite often having to buy him a new wardrobe of clothes! He is in size age 3, and he is getting very tall and lean. He is really loosing that baby fat and looking like a real little chap!  And really making no progress is not like regressing -which he definitely is not !

He does seem to be changing. He is making better eye contact, wants to be played with (mostly by me – but hey!) The need to chew and play with spinning toys seems to be slowing down and he does not seek out the sensory toys too much – if at all on some days.  He appears to be discovering he can wave his arms about and we think that he is waving to us at times, especially when we go and get him from his cot in the morning.  This is a big step in the direction of gesturing.

Last Wednesday, he babbled so much – I could not believe it, and yesterday while jumping on the trampoline with him and singing the ‘Alphabet’ song, it seems like he was singing it as well in his own little way of course! I have decided to put all the ‘special needs’ reading aside for a while and enjoy reading ‘normal’ stuff again. Recently, I have read the new Alexander McCall Smith’s book from the No 1. Detective Ladies Agency , ‘Tea Time for the Traditionally Built’ (whole series is wonderful, I would cry when I finished a book because it was so fab, and he totally nails the argument that men can ‘write’ women!) The story makes two wonderful points. One, women are not meant to be in the homes all day by themselves, they are meant to have other female company with whom they can chat – agree! Secondly, you cannot ‘worry’ over things where you ultimately have no control, you can only provide a warm and loving environment for the present. Very true. When I look at Luke and start to worry about what the future holds and if he will be our ‘forever’ child, then see this happy, content, beautiful child I feel very happy and privileged to be his mum, just like I do with all my children.

Nathan’s new adventure…

Nathan started school with Rebecca last week (April 12th) and he did pretty great. I seem to have children that just love being at home and do not like too much change to their routine. We had tears as we got to school, but I was able to walk him to the class and leave him tearfully with his teacher Miss Anita. Thank goodness I don’t have screaming or kicking or, refusing to get dressed. Phew

He is really happy to see me when I collect him, and I know that it is a very long day for him as he was used to finishing school at 12noon and now it is 3.30pm. I do feel a little guilty over this – but I certainly feel more relaxed in my core, as my day ends a little later and I get quite a lot done while Luke is having a nap, and this last week the fun stuff I have been doing is TAX and PAPERWORK!

I was half expecting Luke to stop his naps just as Nathan went to school…but that is another story!




  1. Hooray, your back!! I had the pleasure of watching a young male (probably a young teenager) at Jo’s dancing last week. He is autistic and quite a tall, strapping young man. His group had finished and it is a no, no to be on the dance floor if it is not your group. His fav song came on and completely lost in the moment he danced and I mean he danced. He gave himself over to a place that was magical. As I watched and felt utter joy I couldn’t help but look around at the reactions of the “how could he” parents. It did not take long to see the transformation in their expressions as they looked at him longingly probably wishing they could live entirely in the moment. I had to really stop myself from tearing up as this guy brought us all to a better state of mind. Yes today is for living and as the saying goes thats why its called “the present”.


    • Hi Linda, This was such a great story! Yay for the moment, the understanding and the patience that these special people bring to our lives!


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