Posted by: 15specialneeds | March 27, 2010

Emails to my Rebecca

Dear Ones,
Okay, it seems I have been in a bit of a funk lately and have not been able to put any words together on my thoughts as basically – I didn’t have anything really mindful to say. I think it is probably to with being really tired – it just messes with your head on a very weird level. Si was away for 10 days and I had the lovely Nathan in bed with me and he kept me awake several night with a cough. Anyway, I have had a great week of great sleep and truly feel so much better.
Anyway this blog is a bit of a cheat, as Rebecca left on Monday for a school trip to Boston! So I decided I would send her an email each day on what had occurred in our day and now I have adapted it slightly so that you can see what our week was like!
Monday March 22, 2010
I was so proud to see you go off with your friends. I hope the flight was not too long and dull. I am guessing that there was lots of chatting and laughing!  I was very brave – and did not cry. I just had a bug in my eye!
Luke has been brilliant today – very happy and lots of happy sounds.
Tuesday March 23rd,
Well, today I took Lukey for a walk around the park after dropping Nathan ar preschool. He was really great as he sat still and had no toy to spin or chew! Yay. Then it was off to speech therapy and he was really good. Avi came back to play with Nathan and they were quite good, but had a fall out before he left so he was skipping out the door calling Nathan ‘big baby’ really – what a pair!
I went to IKEA and bought some bits and a new play table for the boys to replace the green table, in the living room, so that they can hopefully play together! 
I went to the SEPTAR support group tonight which was nice if a little sad and intense in places!
Hope you had a great day!
Wednesday March 24th,
Nathan was crying tonight because he missed you SO much! Luke had Abilities United today and he was pretty good, but had to come and sit on my knee in parent group!
I went to watch some therapists from PALS work with a little boy called DJ in Palo Alto, this is what I wrote to them in an email…
…’Thank you so much for letting me observe your session with DJ this afternoon. The family were wonderful, and I would really like you to thank them again for me, it was so lovely to see the program in action.
I was so impressed with the team. They were supportive, kind, flexible and so engaged with DJ, it was a pleasure to watch and learn.
I really hope that we can get the process up and running very soon as I feel utterly confident that this would be a great opportunity for Luke and our family to be a part of and involved in.’
Hope you had a yummy dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. We had a cooked chicken – your fav –  NOT!
Luke keeps looking for you while he is in the bath. He is missing your dance moves and loud music.
Thursday March 25th,
Hope you are keeping warm. The weather here is gorgeous!
Well, I took Luke to the pool for his OT lesson with Cassie! That was brilliant, he had a great time and it was indeed fun to do a therapy session, doing something that he loves.
Luke had is ‘leaving evaluation’ at Abilities United this afternoon. It was at 3.30 which was a bit if a pain as I had to wake him up and he was not a happy bunny! Needless to say when we got there and into the room, there was lots of whining!  But fortunately it was not as long as I thought and we were done in the hour! I felt exhausted and hot, so in a freaky moment I decided we needed an icecream treat! I had a lovely chocolate milkshake and when I asked for such a small serving of icecream for Luke, the man decided not to charge me! It was quite funny watching Luke with the icecream all the way home and listening to him crunch the cone!
Tonight we told Nathan that he was going to Bowman. He had a few tears, but it was quite short-lived. That was at bedtime, but when we got up in the morning he was happy and actually very playful.
I spent the evening putting together little clip frames as presents for him to give his class mates and this seemed to take all night!
Roll on tomorrow! Just found out no speech therapy!
Friday March 26th,
Well – today has been kinda beyond crazy. I had Laura a new floor-time therapist come to play with Luke at 8.45 am and really he just ignored her for the most part and played with me, Then she left and Carrie from PALS arrived and she did an observation with us and I played with him, and answered questions – mostly all about what he cannot do! Then as she left Maria tuned up so that I could dash of to Playschool and read a story to the children and get Nathan to give them their picture frames, which they all opened and then they all started undoing the clips on the frames. What a flippin’ disaster.
Rushed home as Karen and the girls were coming over for lunch and catch up, phew! 
Maria came back at 4.00pm so I could take the table I bought from IKEA in the week back, as I had the wrong one – agghhh.
Cannot believe that you woke up to snow! Wow, what a surprise to have seen the city in snow and sunshine in one week! 
Nathan was great at leaving playschool! No drama!
Daddy and I had some champagne tonight and I realized that I need to drink more, I felt happy that the week of family surgeries was over, and we are all doing great! And…
Big Realisation of the Week –
I am indeed the best therapist Luke can have!

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