Posted by: 15specialneeds | March 23, 2010

Good news…

Hello Dear Ones,

Well, it is all good news that Luke’s hearing function test on Friday went well. The results were great as they were able to tell us that his hearing was absolutely normal! It just means that he likes to ignore us! The process of going to Stanford hospital is amazing. We had a telephone call with the anesthetic assistant, prior to going in, to go through the pre-set questions, then a pre-surgery booking call to actually schedule the procedure. We were due at the hospital at 8.00am and were a few minutes late due to an all sleep in mishap! Thank goodness for valet parking at the front door! This is what we pay such high insurance premiums for I guess!

We opted for the pre-op sedative, thank goodness as he just seems to shriek when anyone approaches him wearing a stethoscope. Can you imagine, we were given a choice of flavours in regard to the anesthesia mask that would go over his mouth and nose, I think we opted for cherry!  Even with the pre-op sedative, we still needed to pin him down, which is always so sad and then watching him go out like a light is so scary. I am so happy that the procedure is non-invasive and peaceful.

After a couple of hours of sitting in the cafe and chatting, we were able to go see him. We went to him in recovery at 11.30 and by 12.30 we were home. We were told to keep him quiet for the day and he was so wobbly at home that I put him to bed at 1.30pm and he had a nice little nap.

By 5.00pm he was jumping about on the trampoline and the evening was so beautiful we barbecued lamb chops and had dinner outside in a gorgeous 28 degrees c.

Rebecca is off to Boston for the week on Monday, so lots of chatting about that and the house certainly has a different energy without her presence!




  1. We just came back from Kauai for Spring Break so I am so glad that everything went well with Luke’s hearing! I attended an amazing workshop on GF/CF diet which Caitlyn has been on for 2 months. I see that it has helped her sensory issues a lot! Will chat with you soon and see you at the May conference!


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